What is Bridgetown Conservatory about?

TRIPLE THREAT!!  Bridgetown is about SKILLS.  TRAINING.  FINDING OUT WHO YOU ARE.  It is a process-oriented, skill-driven class based on a master-class format.  Professional training in the skills you need:  DANCE, ACTING & MUSIC/VOICE.  We help you discover who you are - that person who is walking into an audition, or onto a stage.  We help you become the most brilliant version of YOU that you can be.  It's not easy.  It's not "feel good."  It's not about being the lead in the play.  It's about trusting your talent, your storytelling, your individualism and learning to share that power with an audience.  Each term focuses on a specific genre or musical theatre idea.  At the end of the term, there is a showcase of vocal and acting work.  The final Dance class is open to auditing by parents and friends - since we are process-oriented (over performance-oriented) there is no Dance showcase.  It's not about playing at it - it's about the work.  But if you're serious, it's worth the time!

What experience do I need?

NONE.  All you need is a passion and love of musical theatre to attend.  To succeed at Bridgetown, you'll have to work hard and discover "who you are" as a performer, and be willing to grow and improve.

What type of dancing will I learn?

Each term, we focus on a specific era or genre of musical theatre: Golden Age of Broadway; British Classics; Rock Musicals of the 80's; from Movies to Broadway, etc. The goal is to provide a varied and eclectic background - what you'll need to succeed!

Do I have to be an excellent singer to attend?

NO!  Just bring a willingness to vocally express yourself as freely as you can, and to discover how you really sing. There are many Broadway stars (living and dead) with less than wonderful voices - it didn't stop them!

Is there a "performance" aspect?

Although Bridgetown is primarily process-oriented, each term will culminate in an end-of-term performance for parents, friends and family.  There is NO Dance showcase.  Parents and family are invited to attend the final dance class of the term.

What if I can't afford Bridgetown?

Finances should never be an issue to achieve the training you want. If tuition costs are a concern, contact us! We have sponsors and benefactors who have arranged for assistance for talented young people who want to pursue excellent training.  Nothing should get in the way of your dream!

What will I have at the end of each term?

Our goal is to provide each student with skills and knowledge, but also with music, songs and monologues that he or she should perform - for auditions, cabaret, etc. The student will also have a better understanding of "who they are."

What happens in each 3-hour Career class?

During each three-hour session, a combination of three disciplines is worked: Acting, Dance, and Musical Theatre Voice. 

How do I sign up?

Go to the Contact page, and SUBMIT the form.
OR, simply call us at 971-219-6452. OR email at ricklewismusic@yahoo.com.
We can't wait to hear from you!

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